Tuesday, October 31, 2017

You Must Like Reading Depressive Stuff

Or maybe you read this and are like, "Thank CROM I'm not him!"

Either way, glad I could be here for you.

Am back from the Arizona trip. We were on a skeleton crew, but it turns out the auction wasn't too bad. Not that many lots, so we finished reasonably both days. The worst parts were this HORRENDOUS woman who brought her dog--claiming it's a service dog, when she clearly didn't need it.

What's so bad about that? Well, she was like 4 doors down from me apparently, as I could hear her dog barking at night when it heard someone walking in the hallway.

The other bad thing was seeing all my friends posting the pics of the fun Halloween times they were having, and I'm stuck in a fucking hotel room in Arizona with 90 degree weather. It's hard to know whether THAT'S what has me in such a shitty, un-Halloween mood, or this:

I'm desperately trying to get the details done for this shoot we're supposed to do on Saturday. So Zig's helping me out trying to organize the actors, and this fucking model is THE WORST.

Her communication skills are nil. We ask questions, she gives vague, weird answers. I want to know what bus station she'd be leaving from in New York(so I can price tickets).  She says:
"prob taking greyhound the night before. idk where the shoot is.  "
Notice how that doesn't help me AT ALL? So we explain to her that we're trying to figure what bus will work best, because no bus goes to the shoot location. She comes back with this:
i already mentioned i was in nyc area.... so port authority. i can get it myself.   plus this isnt my legal name..what town is the shoot in. i could greyhound or amtrak.

Now, Port Authority isn't the only bus station in New York--I booked an actress from New York for the wrap on Ttory 1, and there was a couple places to choose. But more on that!

Zig finds some different bus schedules, and I figure she can come in at 3:20pm--we'll drive her to set so she'll work from like 5pm until about 1am, then back to the bus station by 2:30am and on her way home.

She hits me up in a FB message to say that's too much to do in one day. She says she's an hour from New York, then 3 hours to us, then work for 8 hours, then that drive back. First off, I get it's sort of a long time but you're on a BUS for like 7 of those hours. You can sleep if you want.

But second--you're AN HOUR from NY? Above you say you're IN New York. Which is it?

Now I'm gonna have to put her up somewhere. All of a sudden this girl went from being $400 a day to $400 a day plus a round-trip bus ticket, plus a motel plus an uber back to the bus station.

Honestly man, this segment is so fucking demoralizing at this point that I'm PRAYING for rain so I can cancel it. I'll gladly eat the cost of the camera rental that's already on its way.


Have watched 30 Halloween/horror movies as of today. One more and I've done the "challenge". Hasn't helped me keep the mood though, I can tell you that.

Maybe another picture?

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