Friday, October 20, 2017

October Flies By Again

As always, this month just flies by. Never enough time to just do the fun things for Halloween. And I still have that one Halloween screenplay I've been working on for like 10 years that I'd love to complete. Just. No. Time.

My brother and I went out last Sunday and shot the pickups and the foley. It was super humid--in October no less. We got what we could. For better or worse, it's all I'm doing for this. I will now work with what I have to make it the least-embarrassing I can make it, but I'm not going back out there for any more Pumpkin Trail hijinks.

Then this week I had an auction to work, and then a video to shoot/edit/upload(which I just finished)

Next week I go away to Arizona on Halloween weekend, which bums me out, but bums my wife out even more. At this point in our life we really only go out drinking and dancing on two occasions a year--Halloween and New Year's, and New Year's is never a lock.

So she's pissed.


I had an idea that I'm not sure is good or not. See, October has been INCREDIBLY slow for my flicks this month for some reason. I figured October is usually good for horror flicks, and we put the first Ttory up again for free so I expected to see a bump.

Just the opposite. It's weird. (and hey, if you haven't posted a review for Ttory, how about it? It would help me out. One sentence is fine.)

So I was thinking...I need more movies up there. But I haven't made any more movies. Then I thought...wait a minute, most of my Making Ofs for the flicks are like mini-documentaries. The Making of for the original FOC1 is nearly an hour long.

Maybe I put some new footage in(not for length, but rather to interest people who may have already seen it) and upload it in the documentary category? I could do it with most of my Making Ofs. Would only cost me the Closed Captioning cost, and maybe not even that because the Y tube has free closed captioning.

(I say maybe not because I tried it today and it's pretty spotty--I'm gonna have to spend some time fixing it, and the question is--how much time is worth it when I could just pay $60 and get it done right the first time)

Anyway, am actively looking into it now. One more thing to do!

Trying to get this last Ttory 2 segment shot is a fucking nightmare. I need a desolate county store exterior that's not 3 hours away. It's impossible to find. I drove across the bridge to look at two of them that were suggested to me, but both are on main roads with lots of traffic, and both are open on Sunday.

I need the place to be closed when we shoot so I don't have to constantly stop to wait for customers to leave so we can shoot.

I've found one that's about 90 minutes away that is closed on Sunday. I'm going to call and see if they care if we come out and shoot there. If they don't, we're good there and then we just have:


Why is it so hard to find them nowadays? It used to not be a big deal. And fuck, I'm paying between $250-$400(depending on how perfect for the role they are) for just ONE DAY(and not even that long a day--like 8 hours).

I have filmmaker friends(not around here) that get girls to get naked on scree for NOTHING. Why is this area so much trouble?

It's gotten to the point that if I don't fix both these problems by Sunday, I'm probably just going to call the whole thing off. It'll be a bummer, because it's a good story, but technically Ttory 2 is feature length already(about 83 minutes after credits would be my guess)

Bonus pic, cuz, long post.

My brother seems to have thrown himself into his work to distract himself from the tragedy. He still says he's going to do the work for the flick.

I've been messing with some of the other effects. I've gotten one of them to a point where it's ok, but not as good as I'd like. But I'm not sure how to make it any more realistic.


Am trying to do the 31 movies of Halloween thing. I'm a couple behind right now, but catching up. I'll post the list the first week of November so you can see what I watched.

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