Monday, October 23, 2017

Big Day Today. Suck Week Ahead.

Today I decide whether the Fountain segment gets put on indefinite hold, or whether we move forward.

If I can't get BOTH of the following done today, I'm calling it:
Have a committed actress for the naked role. I'm talking to 3 of them right now. The one I really want in the pic is turning out to be really high maintenance.

I sent her a FB message saying I was looking to hire her and could she email me at my email address(which I gave her).

Instead, she replies "Where are you based at?"

So I reply to her. She says "Ok."

That's it. I wait. Later on that night she sends me another FB message that says "So what's the gig?"

I describe it in detail.  She then says, "How much dialogue is there? If there's a lot, I'm not interested."

I'm like...holy shit. That is the OPPOSITE of most actors.

I send her the script and say, "It's not a lot, but take a look and see. Let me know." That was two days ago.

Another model/actress has stuff scheduled for that weekend in PA. She says she still may be able to make it work, but she responds, "When exactly would I have to be on set?", and LITERALLY in my email that's quoted below her response is the exact times I'd need her.

Reading comprehension. A lost art.

The other thing I have to secure is a country store I can shoot the exterior of. I have ONE candidate left. I'm going to call them and see if they care if we shoot outside their store. If they say we can't, then I'm done.


Suck week ahead. I have to go to Arizona for work. The flight leaves at 7am on Friday, so I gotta be at the airport at like 5:30am. We're going to land at 9am Arizona time, so we get to sit around for at least 3 hours before we can get into our rooms.

Then on the flight back we make a stop in Buffalo. We don't have to get off the plane, but still--it's going to add time on to the 5 hour flight.

So I'll be stuck in the hotel room on HALLOWEEN WEEKEND. Won't get back until Monday night. I don't know what we'll do on Halloween(Tuesday night), but if the Fountain IS a go, I'll have plenty to do in prep.


So far I'm at 22 movies in 23 days(and we're on day 23, so if I watch a horror movie today then I'm right on track).

I really wanna show my kid the Lost Boys, but even though he's physically 14 years old, he's not really mentally there.

Did I mention that I sold 22 books last month, and I'm up to 35 this month? Don't get crazy though--that 35 books(a mix of mostly paperback but a few kindle) has only netted me about $120.

Am-zon really takes a ton of your dough. No wonder the head of it is one of the richest men in America...

Still don't understand people, or maybe it's Am-zon's search engine. I lowered the book to $29.95 and got no order in a week. Then I raised it to $49.95, which is really outgrageous--and sold one that day.

It ought to be the opposite, right? You lower the price, and maybe Am-zon puts it on a couple of lists as "Save X amount of money!" But instead, you raise the price and somehow it gets thrown into searches better?

The price hike also let me sell one on eBay(at the regular price of $29.95--someone prolly saw it on Am-zon, then searched on eBay to see if it was cheaper, and voila! Sale.

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