Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Be (Very) Careful What You Wish For

On Monday I called the country store. They said, "Sure, come on out and shoot whatever you want when we're closed." Check.

I called Bill and said, "Hey, you mind if we shoot on your property again? We'll be bringing a naked girl this time around." He said, "Sure, come on out."

One of the models said she couldn't do it, but she wasn't my first choice anyway. I also talked to the guy who wrote the segment and he said he'd reach out to some people.

So I postponed the decision to Tuesday.

This evening, my #1 choice said she was in. All the big hurdles are gone. Good thing last night I started working on the actual "fountain" in question. Painted it with the first coat. Worked on the statue, adding some weird tentacle things, and painting it.

Now I have to paint it with some stuff that will make the paint crack and look old. Am working on some other props("Missing" flyers, plus some newspaper stuff.

I wasn't going to rent a camera for this one. I was going to use my GH4, but fuck it--now that I've got my #1 choice, I'm gonna get the same camera we've shot all the other segments with. It's much better in low light, and the scene with the naked girl is outside at night, and this time I can't pretend shit is lit with flashlights(none of the actors will have a flashlight).

I'm gonna get back into town Monday night, and need to be ready to shoot on Saturday morning. I'm trying to figure out how I want to shoot the first scene, which is another exciting "two people in a car talking" scene.

It's not a long scene, but I don't REALLY want to shoot it the same way I did Smiling Jack(which was over the shoulder from the back seat). It looked okay, and is SUPER easy to do but...I don't like repeating myself.

But hooking up the car mount to shoot in through the windows takes serious prep time, and if the road is bumpy then you get a ton of vibration anyway. I even thought about maybe driving alongside the actors(on the wrong side of the road) to get the shot, but that sounds dangerous, right?

We'll see. I still haven't so much as opened the Halloween script I've been working on for like 10 years. REALLY want to. I'm taking it to Arizona with me, but it's really hard to get into the writing groove when I'm away on a job.

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