Wednesday, September 06, 2017

Who Doesn't Have Enough To Do?

Okay, first off let's get this out of the way: Who are you?

This is the blog no one sees, man, so how's it getting all these views? Who are you lurkers?

Just people that like looking at funny demotivational posters with boobs on them? If so, I don't blame you, but sorry--not today!

Anyway, am like 9 days out from shooting one of the tougher days on the entire film. Am I ready? Not really. I went out and scouted locations on Sunday(did I mention that?), but still haven't found one place in particular that I need.

I saw SOMEPLACE that might work, but it was pretty deep in the brush. I wasn't wearing my crap shoes, and hadn't put on that much bug spray so I didn't want to try to explore it. Now I gotta go do it, probably Monday. Then peg exactly where each scene will take place.

I have video of a lot of decent looking trails that I think will work. We ended up winging a lot of the wrap, so I don't foresee too many problems other than that the county apparently has put up a LOT of orange tape markers along one great place. Not sure what they're doing, and I'll have to decide whether to cut them all off the trees for the shoot(which is probably illegal, but whatever!) or do a lot of CGI work.

Good odds I'll be cutting them off if they're in the shot.

But today I decided that I really have to have something new at the convention I'm going at the end of the month. Originally it was going to be the same thing as last year--pimp the new movie on Amazn, but obviously the movie's not done.

So instead we'll make the original movie free again for a month or so, and I'll sell DVDs of the first one(which I've never had at any appearance yet). I figure as an extra incentive, I'll put together a short teaser for the film.

Cuz I don't have enough on my plate, right?

Tonight I spent a ton of time fixing shots with S Jack that will end up being in the teaser. It is mind-numbing and tedious as fuck, and there's SO much of it to do. Odds are great that Jack won't return in part 3 if I end up even working on it, or at least, he won't be doing anything other than walking and not tilting his head up or down.

Though when each shot is done and fixed, I play it and it looks pretty cool.

In other news re: Ttory is getting VERY tight. I do not have the money to do the segment for October, and my freelance gig hasn't been getting me much work. Like, not even enough to pay the bills much less pull an extra grand to shoot the segment.

But hey, sold like 12 books on Amzn last month and made, no shit, like $34. It's insane how much of a cut they take. (like, one of the books was $39.99--my Halloween book--and I earned like $9.80 of that). Doesn't really seem fair, ya know?

Eh, fuck it. I need a brownie.

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