Saturday, September 16, 2017


Oh yeah, the brownie-oxi combo worked some magic. Ten hours of sleep.

Have been doing some heavy-duty S Jack FX work. Am actually almost done them all, which is a massive accomplishment in itself.

Prepping to shoot a few pickups plus some foley with Joe and Cutting--will have them both back on same day, so makes foley easier, and some pickup shots possible

Also of note, filed under the "my luck" category, it didn't rain at all Friday, and may not rain on Saturday either. Given my track record, it will all fall NEXT weekend.


Still trying to figure out HOW to do the effect in the Pumpkin trail segment.


The Halloween book is picking up sales as we get closer to that season.


Been putting away a LOT of TV as I work on the After Effects stuff. Here's a small sample of what I've watched:

Season 1-5 of West Wing. (I watched the first 4 seasons when it was on and just sorta stopped. I can see, with season 5, why I might have. It's TEDIOUS when it hits 5)

The Strain--first 8 episodes of this season. Pretty good.

Camp - Eps 1-5. This is a show that only aired one 10-episode season that I really liked back in 2012. It's like a modern Meatballs, and as much as I hate the memories of camp that I have, this makes me wanna go.

Big Brother - The wife and I have caught up fully after falling about 10 episodes behind a few weeks back. We've been watching this show since season 1.

Love Island - This is a UK thing that I discovered last year and loved. So addictive to watch, and perfect background. Unfortunately, I invited my wife to try this year when it started, and now SHE'S addicted, so I can't catch up. But we're up to around episode 40(of like 53). It's a reality show, and I'm pretty sure that the most popular phrases used by Brits are 1) Crack On(which means to have a good time)  2) Are you bantering?(banter appears to be frivolous talking, sometimes means flirty talk) 3) Geezers and Birds(geezers are guy, birds are girls) 4) She/he is FIT.(heard this first on the Inbetweerners, which was an amazing show with two good movies to wrap it all up)

Timeless - This is a show that went under my radar. I mean, it's a show created by the creator of The Shield and the creator of Supernatural. First couple of episodes are directed by Neil Marshall. Weird thing is that it's a fairly wholesome show, not overly violent, and actually TEACHES you some history. Even weirder is that it's pretty entertaining. I'm ten episodes in, and hope they get a season two(but I know it was on the bubble)

Live P.D. - I'm going to apologize for calling this second-rate Cops when I first saw it. It's now better than Cops--hours of entertainment, with a lot of stuff you won't see on Cops.

That's not even all of them. You may be saying, how did you have time to watch all that? Well, when I'm editing, the TV is always on in the background. So every hour I've been editing has been another hour of TV. Really blazing through it all.

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