Tuesday, September 05, 2017

Not Done With Summer

Man, woke up a couple of days ago and it was fucking COOL out. Like, Fall cool.

It instantly sent me into a funk. I may LOVE Fall, but when summer changes to it, I get S.A.D.

You may think it's bullshit, but it's for real, I can tell you that. Seasonal Affective Disorder.

Really, I wanna move somewhere where it's ALWAYS spring/summer. I'll come back to whereever the cold is for the holiday.


I honestly can't remember what I've put in the blog. Had to go check.

Guess I didn't mention that I went back to the woods to shoot those last few shots from the wrap story. The shots involve a map that falls from the sky and blows down the trail.

We tied fishing string to a weight, threw it over a high branch, then attached it lightly to the map and hoisted it. When I was rolling, my brother yanked the line out of the map, and it fell from the sky. Actually worked GREAT, other than it would never fall right on the trail, even though one was SO perfect and when it was like 5 feet above the trail it just veered off.

Then we tried to blow the map down the trail. Compressed air didn't blow it very far. My brother waving his reflector worked a little better, but looks like a hurricane is hitting all the plants around it.

Got enough stuff I think I can work it. Won't be great, but whatever.

Then we shot a scene with a hitchhiker. Had the local author who wrote one of the segments do it. Other than the fact that the deserted road suddenly became grand central station the instant I pull the camera out...


Trying to prep the pumpkin trail. Got the actors. Got the schedule. It's brutal. Almost 11 pages on day 1. Most of it has to be shot in the daylight.

And I'm thinking--I should really try to compromise. I never shoot master--punch in--inserts. I may shoot a master to help blocking, but then I get whatever shots I need, the way I've designed, in the best order to do it.

Problem is, when things start going wrong I start improvising for time.

So I was thinking...maybe I try to compromise a scene or two--go ahead and shoot master--punch in  -- insert, and maybe I'll have enough time to do exactly what I want in the other scenes.

I'm waiting on news of when we can get the pumpkins. We shoot on the morning of the 15th, so if I get them later than  the 11th...it's gonna be dicey to carve them all.


Been working on the edits and the CGI fx.  Have actually gotten QUITE a bit done. Started the opening credits. May have found the end credit music.

Gotta get the trail done, then the Fountain, and at least then I can stop worrying about production problems. Get strapped to the edit computer so I can get an idea of when I can debut this. I actually think MAYBE I try January 1st? If not, then probably April.

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