Saturday, June 17, 2017

Easy. Nothing Is.

Trying to hammer out all the final details on this wrap, while still coordinating everything else so that--two weeks after we're done that--we can start shooting the main part of this movie. The four or five day shoot of a part of this movie that features  a ton of FX, including some CGI as well as prosthetic.

Still had no luck on a main actress for the 1st segment. So today I said fuck it, and sent out a congrats letter to an actress who's decent but not my first choice. She seems excited, but then after I send her the script she says she wants to talk to me on the phone, has some questions.

WTF is that? There's no nudity or sex whatsoever in the script, so...what's the deal?

Why is it so goddamn hard to get decent actors and actresses in this area? So many half-ass, lazy, reluctant mutherfuckers. If I lived in NY I'd already have this whole thing cast, and with way more talent than I'm currently looking at.

Unfortunately, then I'd be living in NY.

I'll call her today, and if I sense she may flake, I'll take the role back and just keep looking. I mean, I have a whole 12 days to find someone else...


Got a monitor for the camera. Gotta figure out how to make this whole steadicam work with it. Once I get the camera, I need to mount it all on and then balance it exactly. But if I pivot the monitor to a different angle on the steadicam, I'm guessing it's gonna throw off the weight and I have to re-balance. That'll add time I don't have.

The camera comes in on the 27th, so I'll have 2 days to get its settings right so it matches the mavic as close as possible, and get the steadicam weighted right for the lens I'll use mostly(a 50mm probably).

Gotta cast the other main part to the wrap. Have sent a ton of sides, with notes that say we're casting soon. Does that get actors to send shit in?

Not so much.

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