Monday, March 19, 2018

Back From FL

Went to Florida for an auction. NICE weather, man. Like 80's, mid 70's at night. It was at a nice resort, too. Here's some pics I took.

 This one was the flattened panorama shot from my balcony. I took the kindle out there one evening and read. Man, fuck winter in its fucking face.

The auction was pretty easy, which was nice. Only issue was the major fog when we were supposed to leave. The plane was already there, but the pilots who were flying in got diverted to another airport. Our flight was pushed back, then pushed back again, then AGAIN to 10:20am(originally scheduled to leave at 8:35am).

Luke, who is neurotic, was like--there's another flight to Baltimore that leaves at 10:15am. He wants to get on that, because he thinks our flight is going to continue to get pushed.

So I say--sure, let's see how much it is to get on. It's no charge, but we'd get C53 and C54 so we'd have shitty seats. Luke says fuck it, and charges us so we can A10 and A11--it's $40 apiece, but I think Luke likes our system--which is he takes a window seat and I take the aisle, and we puff out like puffer fish so nobody sits between us.

It worked on the way out, but this flight was fuller--apparently only two seats not sold. Well, nobody took our middle seat. Worked again.


Time for the serious Ttory 2 push. I have to go foley the entire final scene as soon as I can. I'm not sure if I can do it at the actual location, as it's close to a road PLUS has so many lookie-loos, which is why we didn't get the audio when we originally shot the scene--people chatting, wandering in constantly.

If I can't make it work there then I have to find a backup location.

I took an afternoon nap and then went back to work on the AE work. I'm getting somewhere, but man is it slow work. Lot of trial and error.

Took some more whacks at the Mad Gathering segment. I'm going to export it for the composer soon and get it to him soon.


My kid's not going to school tomorrow.

Shit--lemme back up. I just looked and I guess I didn't mention this on the blog. (Did I mention my 14 year old son has gotten way more interested in girls lately?)

I walked in on my kid and he's on his ipad. He clicks it off with what can only be described as a mortified look on his face. Normally he acts all weird and never wants us to see what he's looking at--when I check it's always some music video.

This time I pull it away from him--and he STRUGGLES with me--but I take a look. He's google image searched "naked women". There are a lot of pictures of naked women, cuz I never turned on safesearch.


I don't shame him. I just tell him--"Hey bud, it's normal to be curious about this at your age, but you shouldn't be looking at this stuff right now." He sort of blamed it on google, which I found funny but after he left...

I checked out his browser history. The whole thing started about a week earlier with him searching for "girls in underwear". So who knows? Maybe google started suggesting stuff to him after that. The funny part is that at one point he googled "two girls naked kissing".

Now I'm stuck with trying to figure out how to explain sex to an autistic kid who isn't really all that communicative. (I also turned safesearch on)

Anyway, last night--since he's not going to school tomorrow due to some ridiculous testing that makes most students come in 3.5 hours late so we're just not sending him in--I was like, wanna watch a movie? He's always up for that.

So I opened up my Shout Factory Teen Wolf and we watched it. He REALLY liked it. You can never tell what he's going to like, but he was super excited for the van surfing and then that scene comes up where the girl drops her towel and she's only wearing a bra and underwear, and then she drops the bra so you see her naked back.

I think he liked that part too.

When the movie was over he wanted to know if the movie was "ours", meaning--can he take it and watch it? I said no, it's a blu ray(which he doesn't have a player) and besides that--he ain't taking any of my Shout Factory discs.

Movie's still a lot of fun.

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Neighbor Issues Again

Bad news...I'm gonna get a new neighbor again.

This is all about the drunk neighbor that would come over at night and knock on our door, or sometimes wait for us to come home, then come out and slur at us. He was funny, mildly annoying at times, but perfectly decent as a neighbor.

I mentioned before how his wife just left one day, taking his two kids. He told us, at the time, that she was going to Pennsylvania to stay with her sick mom for a while.

That while turned into years, so it wasn't hard to figure out that they were done. Eventually he started bringing girls home--and that was the last story I told, about his girlfriend asked me for a ride home.

Last week he tells my wife some story about how his (now) ex-wife hasn't been paying the mortgage, even though he's been sending her money for it and child support. He has to be out in a couple of days.

Also, he suddenly has no electricity and asks if he can run an extension cord from our house just for a small heater. (He asked this of my wife, and she said yes. I think we know what I would have said)

The whole story is nonsense. The only reason your power would be off is if you didn't pay the bill. And there's no way he didn't get a notice about the mortgage not being paid, even if she WAS still paying for it from PA, which is bullshit I'm sure anyway.

Well, he emptied out the house, putting so much garbage on the curb that I'm surprised they took it all. Last night he stopped by to say see ya later--he's moving into an apartment not that far away.

And the new waiting begins. Will the new neighbors, whenever the house is sold, suck? Will they be nosy, or noisy? Will they have a shitty dog that barks non-stop, and forces me to consider options to kill it covertly?

We went over to continue watching that new Star Trek TV show with my dad. We'd watched the first four very-mediocre episodes a couple of months ago, but never had time to continue.

I took another three over there. My dad kept making faces, because the show is just not getting better. I'm not sure how its RT score is so high(82%)--though the audience score is only 56%.

There's really NO characters you give much of a shit about. The character they keep trying to paint as the hero is pretty crappy--they keep disobeying orders non-stop, which strains credulity as why the fuck would Starfleet continue to put up with it? (she is literally court-martialed in the first episode for mutiny)

The Orville is so much a better Trek show that it's insane.

My dad doing rehab, but his speech is still pretty bad. The more concerning thing is some personality changes that we're not sure what to make of.

For instance, he seems cranky a lot. He was always pretty mellow. We could chalk this up to maybe being frustrated at not being able to speak right, but my mom says he's also not doing things he used to do--like, he made coffee every day before the stroke. Now he doesn't, even though he's fully capable.

He used to eat certain things, but now he's not interested in them, and when my mom says, "You used to love so and so", he frowns like she's crazy.

Dunno. Gave me an idea for a story about a person who has a stroke and turns into a completely different person, but then I'm wondering if that's what that movie Regarding Henry was about. I can't remember.

Back at AE for the Ttory 2 segment. I'm ready to commit suicide.

So, I mean, it's going great.

Saturday, March 10, 2018

Happy Anniversary

I always forget to pay myself on the back, but tomorrow is the 13th year of me doing this blog. Nutty, right? Like, on a regular basis, even...

Like always, I refuse to quit anything.

You can send me cake and flowers if you want.

Friday, March 09, 2018

Could I Be Busier?

Wow--you know, I have this folder full of funny/sexy pics that I add to whenever I see one that amuses me or is hot. I post them in this blog, and then move them to another POSTED folder so I don't re-use them.

Apparently I'm not great at that. I just saw that I used the same photo twice in the span of 2 weeks...I'm gonna blame the pot.

Been slammed the past couple of weeks. Did I mention that I'm re-doing my biz web site? It hasn't been updated(other than the News section) since roughly 2003. It looks like I mean if you're missing the early 2000's, just go visit my site and it'll take you BACK, man.

I'm not much of a designer though. The "look" and whatnot isn't something I'm great at. Like, if I saw a web site I liked, I could totally reproduce it--the programming isn't a problem.

So I looked at that company that everybody is using. Rhymes with the band Kix.

I took its "design a site" for a spin, and actually came up with a decent-looking site. I mean, it's fairly routine in how many sites look nowadays, but it certainly looks more modern. But then I looked at what they charge to simply put this site on MY web server--it's like $15 a month!

That's more than I fucking pay for the actual domain AND web space that I have. It's insane.

I thought...fuck, man. I have the entire Adobe Suite at my disposal. I can just re-create the site with Dreamweaver. Then I took a look, and oddly enough Adobe has TWO programs that create web sites. Muse is the other one.

I don't know why they both exist. Muse is newer, so I went ahead and learned how it works. It's powerful, but fuck is it retarded in many respects. For instance--no backup saving. None. Not available.

Is that a problem? Let me tell you--if you're clicking in elements on the page, and you're not on the element you THINK you're on(and it's REAL easy for this to happen if you're not watching the Layers menu on the right)), you may hit the delete key and nothing happens.


Then later you figure out you deleted an entire layer of shit from a different page in the web site, and you ain't getting it back. And there's no backup to load up.

This happened to me. Pretty fucking irritating. But I re-created the page almost exactly after a couple of days of work. Then I export as an html, and get some crazy CSS missing shit when I try to load it in a web page.

Apparently this is a known issue--people are talking about it.

Fucking pisses me off. Get your shit together, Adobe. I'm paying for this stuff.

Doesn't make a huge deal YET, as I'm not ready to debut the site because it has the poster for Ttory2 on it, and I don't want to show that until I'm ready to reveal it.


Continuing work on the adaptation. On page 37. Chapter 11 in the book. Condensing a little bit, but continuing on the "include everything" plan. If I get to page 90 and I'm not near the end though, I'm gonna start really figuring out what can go.

I still plan to do a 2nd version. That version will have a little more of "me" in it. This version is mostly straight out of the book, only veering when I need to figure out a way to include backstory.

It will be VERY challenging to do all this with $250K. There's a lot of locations. And we gotta find some run-down towns that we can sort of make look subtle apocalyptic. Like, not Mad Max kind of apocalyptic--what I love about the book is how realistic this end-of-the-world seems to be. Frankly, it could be happening right now with the way the world and people's health problems are. (hell, I HAVE some of the symptoms of the disease killing people off...)


Had a paid video to shoot and edit. They hit me up last minute on it, but I don't turn down money jobs. So I went, shot it, edited it and uploaded them within 2 days.

Next week we go to Florida for an auction. Not looking forward to it. These things are pretty physically draining for me.


Ttory 2 work continues. My brother, who's working on the most complicated CGI effect sent me a rough test, and now I'm worried. It's okay, but it defiintely looks CGI and isn't exactly the way I envisioned it.

I'm not blaming him--frankly, this is some ILM level shit I need for it to really work.

So I'm back to doing some tests on my own--basically trying to use actual physical elements instead of whole-sale Cinema 4D stuff. The problem is that I had to shoot those elements(which are dozens of pieces of paper falling to the ground) on location. No green screen.

Which means I now have to rotoscope them one by one, frame by frame.It took me 4 hours to do THREE pieces of paper falling. And I'm not even sure this is gonna work.

Composer has the wrap minus the end. I guess he's working on stuff. Haven't heard back after the first couple of emails. Not sure what that means. Like, does he not like it? He has no questions? Or--because I told him he has plenty of time--maybe he's just fooling around with themes and sounds.

I may have gotten the end-credit music. I'm excited about that. It's a fucking GREAT song by a great synth group who does a ton of great stuff. It's actually hard to pick which song by them that I wanted.

They said yes, I've sent them the contract, so if they sign then we're all good. I really wish I could make Turbokid kind of movie so I could just fill it with all the great synth shit out there now. There are some incredible amateurs working out there now, mostly in Europe.


Watching Absentia on Am-zon. It's NOT the movie and it has nothing to do with it. It's got the chick from Castle in it, and it's pretty good. Probably could have been 8 episodes rather than 10, but worth a watch.

Also got out to see Annihilation. Decent. Not Ex Machina great, but still entertaining with some neat stuff in it.

Tuesday, February 27, 2018

The Doings

Took two solid days and re-read the book I'm gonna try to adapt, making chapter summaries. I told Malfi I'm going to write a script too, just to get even more familiar with the story, and we can compare scripts and mash the best parts of both.

He's like fuck it, you write the script. I think he wanted me to anyway, so no biggie.

There's some serious challenges in it--namely all the exposition that comes courtesy of our main character thinking about things that have happened or things he knows.

For instance, there's something called "Worlders" in the book. The first time it's brought up, the invisible narrator tells us what they are. About 100 pages later someone else also explains it. So my choices are, when it's asked the first time, ignore it and leave the audience wondering for 30 minutes. Or have someone else ask "What's a Worlder?", and then it gets answered there for the audience.

The other option is to go with voice-over narration. I know, calm down.You've seen Adaptation or read a book that told you that it's a lazy story-telling device.

I assure you that is only so if you do it in a boring way. Frankly, there are some stories that can't be told without it.

And if you wanna name some lazy, bad movies that have it then I guess you'd be talking Shawshank Redemption, Goodfellas, Big Lebowski, Citizen Kane, Fight Club, and more. Trash movies, right?

Last night I started working on the script. The non-voiceover way. It's running long already. I'm 11 pages in, and only on chapter 4(of 66 chapters). I don't want this script coming in over 100 pages, so things have to start getting streamlined soon, or I may just put it all in and then start going in and chopping.

Then I'll probably do another draft with the voice-over instead, and give 'em both to Malfi and see which one he likes best.


My dad's getting set up with a speech therapist this week. He had the added problem that the week of his stroke, he had a temporary crown put in one of his front teeth. It was bothering him the night before his stroke--he told my mom on the phone that he was calling the dentist in the morning to have them take a look.

One of the ways we know what time my dad had the stroke that Friday morning is because he called the dentist that morning about 8:15am to set up an appointment that afternoon--an appointment he never kept.

Well, the tooth came out a couple of days ago. Now when he smiles, he looks goofy and he knows it.

He's still having issues saying things right. Like, on occasion he'll get a lot of a sentence out but there will be one or two words that just don't make sense, so it's hard to parse the whole sentence.

He'll get it.


Hey, the wife is taking the kid to Disney because his high school band is going to play there. They'll be gone from Wednesday to Saturday, so vacation time for me!


The diet continues, though slowly, and with lots of cheating. I've only lost about 12 pounds in a month or so. But I'm not killing myself. As long as it keeps going, I can keep this up no problem.

Friday, February 23, 2018

A Post. Crazy Times.

They brought my dad home on Monday evening. (or was it Tuesday? It's all a blur)

Went over to see him. It's nothing short of amazing how much progress he's made in only a couple of days. He's dressed normally and walking very close to regular. The only time you can really tell that something has happened is if he tries to talk. It's mumbled words that don't make sense.

And when he tries to do something with his hands, it gets dicey. But face it--this was him on Friday:
And then this is him at home on (checking) Tuesday at home with one of his newest grandkids:
It's insane, in a good way. They're working on getting a speech therapist for him, so we're all hoping that within 6 months this can all be just a very bad memory.


Sent the Ttory2 wrap to the composer. I keep second-guessing myself. Even after watching it with Zig, I keep seeing things I feel like maybe I should cut a little tighter.


Maybe I buried the lead a bit. Tonight I went out with Malfi again. Met him at a restaurant he knows the owner of not that far from me. Super nice guy(the owner, not that sonuvabitch Malfi)--says he owns like 3 acres of land, all woods, if we wanna shoot something there, or shoot in the restaurant if we want.

Malfi had asked me if I was interested in shooting the music video for his band's first release, which would be cool, but nowhere near as cool as the next thing he dropped later.

He's like, "Hey, remember we talked about (name of my favorite book he's written)?" and I'm like, "Yeah." He's says, "Not sure if you were serious, but what do you think if I write the script and we try to raise the money, and you direct it?"

And I'm like, Fuck. Yeah.

So he's gonna write it in the next couple of weeks and shoot it to me. I'll make any little changes I think are necessary, then break it down so we can figure out if we can possibly do it justice on a budget of around $250K.

By far my largest budget, but right in the ballpark where I think we have a shot at making real money.

It'll be a lot of pressure on me, because as much as I don't like to fail on my own stuff, I DEFINITELY don't wanna let him down, and turn his great story into a piece of shit.

I think I'll go into fully believing--and not just cuz it may be true--that this will be the last film I direct, so I'm gonna put everything I have into it. Leave it all on the field, as they say.

Pretty exciting, though.

Monday, February 19, 2018

Bad Couple of Days

Not looking forward to this post, and I'm foregoing the usual T&A meme because I don't want to make light of it.

My wife never shakes me awake. She just calls out my name and I'll wake up eventually.

Only time she'd ever woke me up by shaking me was on 9/11.

Until Friday afternoon. I awoke to her shaking me, still groggy from a few hours of sleep, and said, "What?"

"Your dad's had a massive stroke!" she said in a panicked voice. "You have to get to the hospital now."

Quick backstory cuz I just searched, and I guess I never went into it, but about 10 years ago my dad had a heart attack. They had to do a quadruple bi-pass on him. When I went to the hospital to see him, it was insane how old and frail he suddenly looked.

He was taking something for his high blood pressure, but had stopped because when he smoked(which he wasn't supposed to be doing) it made him naturally he stopped taking the drug rather than stop the smoking.

Swore up and down he was done with smoking, that this was the wake up call, that he'd almost died and that was it.

Anyway, months later he took up the smoking again in secret, but if you're a non-smoker then you know how easy it is to tell when a smoker gets near you. He regained his strength and look for the most part, and you'd never know he had the heart attack.

Back to me waking up groggy. I throw clothes on and bolt to the emergency room--which luckily is the nearest hospital to me. I get there, get a visitor bracelet and head in and here's the fucked up part. I honestly don't remember who in my family was in the room with my dad at the time, or what was said, or anything.

Other than how my dad looked again. Not only old and frail, but the right part of his face sagged unnaturally, very disturbingly. A doctor or nurse or somebody asked him if he knew where he was, and gibberish came out. Like, actual words, but none of them made sense, and all with only half a mouth because the right side of his face just drooped.

(and my thought is along the lines, "Oh Jesus, he's like insanely smart, the smartest person I know, please don't tell me he's brain damaged now...")

They asked him the date. More nonsense. They asked him his name. More nonsense, and a desperate look in his eye because he couldn't say what he wanted to say. They started asking him if his name was Bob--he shook his head. Was his name Mary? He shook his head. Was his name Paul? He nodded.

At some point my memory comes back. They'd only let two of us in the room at a time, but it's not like you really wanted to stay there. He couldn't communicate with you, and it was hard to put on a brave face and smile.

I went out in the hall to talk with my sister in law, then found out the scoop from my younger brother.

My mom is out of town visiting my sisters in Wisconsin, and helping one of them out because they have a new baby.  My aunt--the one with cancer who's been living at the house for a couple years now while my dad basically takes care of her--she was admitted to the hospital a few days earlier because she's having pain and mind-addled issues.

That's a whole other story(and she's literally in the same hospital a few floors up from him when he's brought in. Someone went upstairs and told her, "Your brother in law had a massive stroke and is on the way to the hospital", and she says, "Can you tell him to bring my pajamas?"  And this is the fucked up part about how she's been since my parents took her in--we're not sure if she said that because her brain is addled, or that's just how self-obsessed she is)

Friday morning--coincidentally my mother's birthday--she gets a call from my dad, but he hangs up immediately. She calls him back, and the phone just rings and rings, and finally he picks up. But he's making no sense talking to her.

She hangs up and calls my brother Mike who lives 5 minutes away. "Call an ambulance and get over to the house--your dad's in trouble."

He calls an ambulance and jumps in his car, and is surprised to find the ambulance at his house BEFORE him.(nobody else had called them) The paramedics are outside looking for a way in, so Mike lets them in.

My dad is sitting on the floor, his back against the wall behind his recliner. The two dogs are standing in front of him, barking ferociously at the paramedics, who wouldn't approach my dad until the dogs were gone. Apparently they even growled and snapped at my brother, who they know because he's always over there.

My brother got the dogs away and the paramedics checked him and rushed him off. My mom booked the first flight home, which wouldn't arrive until 9pm that night, and she was bringing my sisters.

Back to hospital time. The doctor comes out to talk to all of us. My dad has had a massive stroke, and there's a clot in his brain. They think he's a candidate for a procedure they do at the university in Baltimore where they will insert some sort of device into his crotch, take it all the way up into the brain, grab the clot, and pull it out.

Sounds insane to me, but the doctor says it's actually a procedure with an extremely high success rate, and on top he tells us that a high percentage of the patients will literally walk out of the hospital the next day, and you might not even know they had a stroke.

Sounds too good to be true, right?

The doctor says they're just waiting for the university to approve him as a patient for the procedure, and if so, they'll rush him off in an ambulance to Baltimore.

He gets approved. We're all going to meet at the university. I go home and grab a shower and a bite to eat, figuring I'm probably going to be up there for a while and I literally haven't eaten anything in ten hours. I get to the hospital pretty quick to find my brothers in the waiting room eating pizza.

My older brother says that he went in when they originally got there and there was a doctor testing my dad. He said that the doctor tested my dad's right hand and it moved some, which they found strange.

There's no word on what's going on yet. The doctor's going to come out soon and tell us something, and damn if he doesn't. He's Indian, and looks like he's twenty. He purses his lips oddly.

He says the clot has been breaking up on its own, and it's now too small to operate on--this is bad news. Because again--if they could get it out, perhaps 100% recovery. The doctor also says they can definitely see the stroke damage on the left side of his brain--hence, the sagging and non-movement on the right side of his body.

He gives us this news in a peculiar way. Like, if you took your dying mother to the hospital and the doctor came out and said, "Well, she's not dead but we had to cut off both legs and both arms. But she's not dead." Like, I guess we should be happy?

He says right now they're going to try to get him in a room a few floors lower(we were in the ICU but we'd be going to MICU which is medium intensive care unit I think).

We wait. And wait. We exchange turns going in the room to hang out with our dad, who mostly just sleeps. On the occasions he opens his eyes and stares at you, it's bad. You can see the frustration behind his eyes. He tries to say something and out comes nonsense, and he just grimaces and shakes his head.

They keep telling us the room is getting ready, and soon they'll take him up. Mike tells me the ambulance driver on the way over said that they would tell us that he'd be moved to a room, and they'd keep saying it, but they'd never move him. They said be prepared for that.

Dudes weren't far off. They moved my dad into a room on the fourth floor around 9pm that night. Weird part is that the sag in his face wasn't as noticeable by that point. He also had surprised the doctors by moving his right arm, holding it up for 10 seconds, and also moving his right leg.

My older brother told the story of this other Indian doctor who came in, thinking my dad couldn't move the right side of his body. He said to my dad, "Hold your right arm up." and my dad would hold his right arm up.

The doctor spun his head to my brother with an astonished look. Back to my dad. "Raise your right leg." and my dad did it, and the doctor spun to my brother again, like, "See what I did! I told him to do it, and he was suddenly able to!"

Anyway, my dad can't stand so they keep having to put a catheter in him to drain his bladder. He also can't swallow, so they tried to put a feeding tube into him twice. They failed both times, and I watched one of them, and let me tell you--you do not want a feeding tube put in you while you're awake. The sight, and the sound of him choking as they tried to jam a plastic tube down his throat is not something you're getting out of your head any time soon.

My mom eventually showed up. They were finishing up a catheter, and they pulled the curtain aside, and she strolled in and started singing, "Happy birthday to me, happy birthday to me." My dad looked at her and grimaced, and I said, "Want me to put her back on the plane for you?"

He smiled on one side of his face then shook his head, so that was good to see. But then my mom starts whispering to him about what happened that morning, and she says, "I don't know how you answered the phone. God was with you that morning. That was God working."

Now don't get me started on that fucking notion. Like, you're saying God was there to push the answer button on his phone? Man, fucking shame he couldn't have been there when, you know, my dad had a fucking stroke. I mean, obviously God GAVE him the stroke in the first place, right?

But all I say is, in a half-kidding voice, "Or it was a triumph of the human spirit. You know, an amazing will to live."

She got pissed at me.

I left around 10:30pm. My mom was spending the night. I said I'd be back the next day.



Got to the hospital in the afternoon. I go into the room and am instantly surprised--pleasantly--at how my dad looks. There's definitely more life in him. He's sitting up, for one. (he didn't have the strength for that the previous day) His face isn't sagging as much. If his mouth didn't bend down on the right side, you wouldn't know anything was different.

Still nothing but gibberish for the most part, but at one point that night Paul(my older brother) asked him if he could go the bathroom on his own or if the nurse helped him, and he said, "I can't go the bathroom on my own."

We were both like, "Woah..."

Paul said he was trying to see what my dad could understand. He held up the remote control for the TV and said, "What's this?" My dad said, "Phone." So my brother held up his phone and said, "What's this?" My dad said, "Phone." My brother held both of them out and said, "This is a phone?" and my dad nodded. He held up the remote again. "And this is a phone?" My dad nodded.

But then he held up the remote and asked my dad, "What's this do?" and my dad pointed at the TV. It was weird, he said.

We took shifts. Paul left after a while and I stayed with him by myself until Mike showed up. I had my laptop, so I streamed some Netflix for him. We watched a couple of original Star Treks(he's the one who got me into it when I was like 6). Watched a couple Flash episodes. (he's never seen the show, but loved the comic as a kid)

He can answer yes and no questions. Everything else he simply can't reply to correctly.

My mom spends the night again.



Went back today. My sisters were there, and they're a whole 'nother brand of ridiculousness. They'd been there for hours, so they took off after I got there. My dad looked about the same, but apparently he'd gone to the bathroom on his own. Standing and walking already(though the walking is with assistance) was a good thing.

My brother Mike showed up, so we watched another two Star Treks. During the break, my dad stood up and shuffled into the bathroom to piss. Shuffled back out and got in bed on his own, though really slowly.

The nurses don't know much, and there are no doctors around. (they come in every couple of hours to test him or inject him with something or take a blood sample, and he's attached to one of those machines by like 8 wires.

What we hear is that the doctors come in tomorrow, and they're hopeful that my dad can get into rehab by Tuesday or Wednesday. Though we don't know if that's a place he stays all the time, or he goes home and we take him there during the week. We think probably the first, since he's still in very rough shape.

But it's encouraging to see how much progress he's made in only two days. I told him my AC unit is going to need some work done on it soon, so he needs to get better, and he chuckled and shook his head.

More later. But if I go MIA for a while, this is why.