Sunday, February 19, 2017

Meeting Today

Today's the day I meet with the guys to confirm they're in for T-tory 2 and 3. That is, me on 2, them on 3. We're also gonna do a sober-ish commentary because I plan on doing a very limited run of T-tory dvds.

Did a more heavily-buzzed commentary for it with Zig and Stew the other night. I'm not going to put anything more than the movie, 2 commentaries, and some half-assed behind the scenes video. If I had enough stuff for a funny blooper reel, I might put that up instead but I don't think I do.

Here's the video tests we shot the other day. You can see the crash around 3:30.

Anyway, if all goes as planned then I'll begin to do serious work on planning for Ttory 2. Figure out how much I can afford to spend on FX and props and everything else. I've got to budget the wrap, as it's the most-important part, and then figure out what I have left for the other segments.

I guess a part of me hopes they back out.

Friday, February 10, 2017

More tests, plus a crash

Took the drone out with my brother to location scout, and shoot some drone footage.

Needed a place that overlooks an entire forest, since I have a character basically staring out at the T-tory. My brother said there was a place that might work that he knew about.

Like an hour away. Up a fairly steep trail. Then there's this crazy rock formation jutting out over the forest at least 100 feet up. My brother wouldn't go very far out--he doesn't like heights.

Not that I do, either. But fuck it, I'm not afraid of dying.

It's windy as shit, so I'm terrified to test the drone up there. I do it a little bit. It gets blown around a bit. I don't use it too much. Then I walked out to take some stills. My brother shot some pics as I went out.

 It's gonna be great trying to get Cutting out on this rock. I can tell you that in order to get the shots I want, we need zero wind. Because I have to not only get the shots I want with the drone, but also get some clean plates with the drone.

After we were done there, we went to another spot that was nearby that has a waterfall. Figured I could get some cool shots. Here's some video of both places. It's long, so feel free to fast forward through it.

The next day the weather was ridiculous. Like 63 degrees in the middle of February, so I got Mike and Matt to go out and shoot some stills for a promo poster for Ttory 2, plus some video I can use as teaser stuff if I want.

It was the first time I tested actual shots that could be used in the film, rather than these sort of landscape/establishing shots that most drones are used for.

On one of the shots where I had the drone following Matt, it hit a tiny branch I couldn't see and went down HARD. Seemed to work okay after that, but the rotors are definitely taking a beating. (I've run it into some branches before that it chopped through)

I've got replacements, but figure...if it's still flying fine, why not keep practicing?

I'll put up a link to that footage too, but no sharing. It's got unedited Jack in it. (meaning, I haven't filled in the head so you can see Jack has hair)

Here's a promo pic I shot and did a rough pass on. I'll fix it up later.

Saturday, February 04, 2017

Life is Funny And Weird

It's funny in an odd way to see older movies and TV shows that have stuff in them that didn't apply to you when you first saw them, but when you see them again years later...they do.

For instance...I saw Rain Man when it first came out. Liked it. A funny story of a guy with a super rare and strange disorder that I had never heard of, and figured never would again. Like The Elephant Man or something.

To see it again years later, when I have a son with the same disorder as Rain, really hits home a lot harder than it did.

Then recently I've been rewatching House, the tv show. My wife and I used to watch it every week. And it's funny, but just about every other episode they're testing for lupus, and saying things like "It's never lupus!"

And obviously when I first watched this show I didn't have it, so it meant nothing to me.

They also in one episode mention uveitis, which I've gotten a couple of times due to the lup.

Still a very good show.


This week I'm just sort of tired of the T-tory. I was like 90% toward doing the sequel. This week I'm like 50%.

Just seems like it will be a lot harder to do than my stand-alone anthology.

Also of note, Am-zon changed their Xbox app so it's a clusterfuck now. Only shows like 144 horror movies in the horror category, and none of mine are there. So basically the only way someone on the Xbox is gonna watch my movie is if they add it to their watchlist via the web.

I wish I knew if the Playstation changed too.

Would really love to go out and practice with the drone, but it won't stop being windy.

Sunday, January 29, 2017

Testing The D

Took it out once in my backyard. Not only am I in an airspace with warnings, but there's a tree above me plus some electrical wires.

Messed with it a bit, but again--there are NO instructions for all this shit.

Watched a few video tutorials. Apparently I'm gonna have to watch like 6 hours of them to get it all down.

Went to my parents house to show my brother. Figured it was far enough from the airport for no warnings. Here's a video. This one is one where I told the drone to come to us by pointing at me on the screen.

Unfortunately, I didn't discover how to actually make the camera move until AFTER I did all the tests.

At one point I took the drone so far away from us that I couldn't SEE it and we couldn't HEAR it any more. THAT is scary. You can only see what it's seeing in the front, and apparently my parents live where there's a lot of wireless interference.

The whole time I'm worried that if the drone loses contact with the remote, bye bye drone. (and bye bye a thousand bucks.

But I'm seeing in my mind a lot of shots that were never possible in my flicks are now possible; just gotta get good with it.

Friday, January 27, 2017

Drone In

Hey whattaya know, it came in. Never flown a drone before. Never owned one.

So what's the first thing I do?

Try that puppy in my living room, something that's especially discouraged by people in general.

The instructions are virtually non-existent. There IS a tutorial or something on your phone in the app, but who's got time for that?

I charged the batteries and turned it on. I DID put it in beginner mode. Then I lifted it off the ground about 4 feet. It did NOT love being in that enclosed a space. It stayed relatively steady, but I had to steer it a bit on occasion as it drifted.

Couldn't really see anything cuz it was dark. Now, the reason I didn't do this outside is because it's windy as SHIT outside. I'd love to take it out today, but it's supposed to be windy again.


As I was thinking about the other ideas for T-tory 2, I remembered that I was going to possibly explore a character who will be seen in the wraparound. I started writing that, cranked out 6 pages of that.

I am, once again, a little worried about how ambitious certain things I'm writing are. There's a scene in this where I'd pretty much like most of the denizens of the T-tory to be in the scene. Like a gathering of monsters.

So we'd need like 50 made-up creatures in the woods in one night.

Obviously that's not going to happen. So I'm going to tone it down to maybe...10? I mean, I know I can put Jack and the Clown in because they'll be on hand for the wrap, but some of the others are ones we haven't done(and won't). So basically we're making up monsters that won't even BE in the movie for more than 2 minutes.


Tuesday, January 17, 2017

In A Funk

Man, dunno what it is but I feel like doing NOTHING lately. Playing video games and doing NOTHING.

And I keep going back and forth in my mind about whether to do Ttory 2. It's just going to be so much WORK...

Plus years of my time. Most of the money I've earned from the first Ttory.

Do I wanna do that? What's the up side?


I've been trying to think up a new idea for a Ttory segment, because there's a better than average chance that I'm not going to use the other guy's segment in my piece. I read it, and I like it, but tonally it's just SO different than the rest of the flick. It also features title cards at the end, which seems out of place when the segments are stories that someone is telling.

So I think we could either put his segment in part 3, or possibly even do it and release it as a stand-alone short on Am-zon. It feels sort of stand alone anyway...

And Luke's getting worried that maybe his script isn't as good with the modifications he's written to it to make it a segment rather than a wrap-story.

Taking stock, I have my wrap which is probably going to be like 35 minutes. My other segment is like 18 minutes. 

That means that I should probably have another three segments that add another 35 minutes or so, but I had THIS thought while trying to think out of the box:

There's really no requirement for this to be feature length. I don't plan to pursue traditional distribution, so if this thing was only 65 minutes I really give a shit? Sure, it means less minutes streamed, assuming everybody who streams the movie watches the whole thing.

But story-wise, I could cut out the "Here's a story" segues and knock it down to whatever I want.

Either way, I need another segment at the least. And I've been drawing a big fat blank.

I was thinking that maybe I've just used up all my ideas. It's easy enough to come up with some new killer stalking people in the woods, but with the first one I definitely took the time to create stories with twists. Anyone can put a killer in the woods and have them kill a bunch of kids.

So I searched my notes and come to find out that I had the germ of an idea a while back that I'd forgotten about. Now that I'm thinking about, I'm going to let it percolate a bit and see if my subconscious runs with it.


These old magazines covers crack me up.

Went to the movies to see A Monster Calls. Heard it was good. It was okay. Bit of a downer, and didn't feel like there was all that much story to it.

Not sure how this guy got the job for the next Jurassic World movie. It's not that it's not well done; I just don't know how the powers that be assign these projects. Hell, the guy who did the first JW hadn't had any big experience, so I'm real curious how these guys get the job.

I sort of wish there were more movies out that I'd like to see. I have gift certificates from Xmas to use, but nothing I really want to see...


I mentioned I ordered a drone, right? Can't remember.

Am-zon sent an email saying it's taking longer than they thought to fill the order. I went and looked, and a lot of people are on Am-zon complaining about ordering it and not getting it months later.

So finally I canceled it and ordered it through the drone company's web site. They claim they ship within 5-7 business days after a processed payment. What they don't tell you is that just because you order it, doesn't mean they've processed it.

I ordered it Thursday, and as of today they've sent two emails but both of them remind me that the payment hasn't been processed yet...

Monday, January 09, 2017

Fun as Expected

Got back from L.A.

Flight out was no problem. We did nothing the first day. Next day we set up, and my brother and I watched the room until security came--that way we didn't have to go meet the people and hang out with them.

First day was fine if a little slow for them. My back started hurting though. Like a sharp pain in the muscles of the back, not the spine like normal.

Second day it was even worse. I was popping Advil like it was going out of style. But made it through it even though it was REALLY long. Was down there from 10am until 7:30pm without a break. Like, literally.

Auction's over and I've gone upstairs to change for the loadout. (I don't do any loading in my suit--it's the only suit I own)

I start getting calls from the douchebag of the company--basically #2 in the company. I call him back. He says there's a HUGE problem. One of the lots that sold for like $60K is showing as PASSED in the history.

We sold it there(rather than online) so it's not big deal in reality. But he's wigging out. All the people online will believe the doll didn't sell. People would be calling to buy it. Other people who don't like the company will be spreading rumors about not being able to sell the doll.

Etc Etc Etc

I tell him I'll see what I can do, but since I closed the auction it's not fixable in an easy way. I go in and try to reconcile the invoice to change that lot but it says we're blocked.

The douche comes down and I explain the problem: It's the online auction broker's fault. WE can see what we sold it for, so it's not my fault. But nobody's at the online auction broker's company because it's like 10:30pm on a Sunday night.

The douche is getting angry. The lady who owns the company(his mom) comes down, as well as the douche's brother, and they both tell him it's not a big deal. It's a computer glitch, and it's not our fault.

He fucking WIGS. Starts yelling shit about 'Are you fucking kidding me? There's too many hands in the kitchen!"(couldn't even get the saying correct). Then he storms out, yelling "PUSSIES!"

I'm not joking. He yelled that to all of us, including his mother.

It's one of the funniest things I've ever seen. Only wish I'd videotaped it.

Anyway, my back's fucking killing me again. I been popping every painkiller I've got but it's not doing much.


Today(Monday) we flew back. One of the bumpiest air rides I've ever taken. The kind where the plane is bumping and rocking so much people are gasping audibly in alarm.

Back still killing. I have taken more Oxy/Hydro/Tramadol this weekend than I did in the previous 3 months.

Thought I was gonna do a post without some sexy lady? Come on...

While in L.A., my brother and I watched the first couple of episodes of Death in Paradise. It's not bad. It's UK, and is stand-alone mystery episodes. I'm not sure how long that will keep me interested nowadays...

Then watched the first two episodes of The Mick. It's okay. Nowhere near as funny as Sunny, but I'll stick with it for a while.

Watched Dude Bro Party Massacre 3, which is actually pretty funny. A lot of jokes miss, but enough hit that I'd recommend it, especially if you're stoned.

Finally watched Autopsy of Jane Doe. Pretty well done and interesting, even if the main mystery was fairly predictable. Weird ending, but definitely cool.

Going to bed.